A threaded server in Java for the Android platform

In this post we will create a basic concurrent server using threads in Java. The server will be implemented for the Android platform as part of a larger project to control a USB interface board remotely. Below are two screen captures. The first shows a state of the server after a few clients have connected and sent data. The second shows the terminals for the four clients. We will first take a look at our user interface. The main.xml file is given below. We have two buttons for starting Read more [...]

Adding preliminary TUIO support for multi-touch systems (parsing OSC packets for 2D cursor descriptions)

In this post we will begin to add TUIO (Tangible User Interface Object) support to our project by implementing a server module to parse OSC (Open Sound Control) packets for 2D cursor descriptions. This will allow us to import blob events from a client application. We will use the TUIOdroid application available for android devices to send UDP packets to our server module. The server module will parse these events, and our trackers will import the blob events. This post is intended to provide Read more [...]